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Simply Fresh Shampoo


16 oz. With Vitamin E & Soy, a moisturizing & tear-free shampoo.

Clenz Shampoo


16 oz. A Clarifying shampoo with Peppermint extracts & Tea Tree Oil. This shampoo is ideal for removing “build-up” in hair, especially swimmers. Also, tea tree oil is a known lice deterrent.

Symmetry Shampoo


8 oz. Tear free & sulfate free daily shampoo.

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Simply Fresh Conditioner


16 oz. A Moisturizing conditioner when you need a little extra vitality and shine, ideal for all hair types.

Clenz Conditioner


16 oz. A Reconstructing conditioner for moisture starved hair.


Symmetry Conditioner


8 oz. A mild conditioner, all hair types, but ideal for fine, thin hair.

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Tangle Buster


8 oz. Daily de-tangling/conditioning spray.

Tangle Terminator


8 oz. Daily de-tangling/conditioning spray, terrific on curly & thick hair.


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