Cool Tops - Kids Haircut Glamour Parties

ULTimaTe GlaMouR PARTY!!

…INVITE your friends for a "private afternoon" of glamour and fun…
festivities include "as fancy as you want" hair styles of curls and braids,
with a dash of fairy dust and a twirl of ribbon, in addition
to a manicure with your favorite nail color!! And, of course a fun goodie bag for you and all your friends...

While girls are waiting their turn they can watch their favorite video on our many TV's or rock-out on the karaoke machine...if this isn't enough we recommend bringing a favorite project, craft, or game...

Other Fun: bring dress up costumes for a fashioon show and invite parents to attend 1/2 hour before party ends.

Other: Fold out table available for serving cake. Hostess is responsible for utensils, etc.

The Serious Stuff:

  • Requirements: minimum of 7 attendees with a maximum of 12

  • Cost: $39.50/child (10*39.50=$395.00), in addition to a 15% gratuity

  • Deposit: 20% one-week prior to the party, with estimate of no. of attendees

  • Party held Friday and Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 pm

  • Note: no-shows will not be charged if minimum no. of attendees are met


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